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Beginner Tools for wreath making

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1. Fiskars scissors – A good pair of scissors is a must for

cutting ribbon to get a clean cut.

2.Greenlee cutting pliers – An excellent pair of wire

cutters will last for years. Used to

cut floral wire and thick floral stems.

3.Fiskars Rotary Cutterused to cut the deco mesh with


4.Fiskars Cutting Mat 24×36 – a 24 x 36 cutting mat to

use with the rotary cutter to

protect your table.

5.Brentwood Glue skillet – this skillet is very convenient

for dipping floral stems in.

6.Surebonder Glue Stick – Quick melting glue pellets for

use with glue skillet.

7.Pro-Bow the Hand Bow maker – Make professional

looking bows with ease with

Pro-Bow The Hand.

8. Zip Tie MountsAttach to signs and use with zip

ties for easy application to wreath.

9. Zip Tie 12 in – I use to secure mesh ends to wreath

base and for attaching signs.

10. Stanley Staple Gun – May use to staple pipe

cleaners to wood sign for


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