DIY deer deterrent for plants and flowers

Well my friends it’s that time of the year when all the Summer plants and bushes are growing leaps and bounds from the Spring rain and hot days.

But with that comes the birthing season for deer. I live in Parma Heights a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. We have an overpopulation of deer which like to wonder from their natural habitat of woods and parks into our neighborhoods to feast on plants and flowers in our yards. I have several hosta plants and daylilys which seem to be some of their favorites.

I am going to share with you a remedy that has stopped them from eating my daylilys down to little nubs. You will need the following items:

1. Irish spring soap (found mine at Dollar Tree)

2. Dryer sheets

3. Wooden skewers (cooking section)

4. Wire

5. Wire cutters

6. Sharp knife ( to cut soap)

Supplies needed

To get started cut the soap across the short end and cut that into 3 smaller pieces. If it chips into smaller pieces no worries these will be put in with larger pieces.

Now cut the dryer sheet into thirds or fourths. You will take a piece of soap and wrap it up in cut up dryer sheet, (it will resemble a balloon) and twist a piece of cut wire about 4 inches long and twist around the bottom of the soap.

Depending on what you are using the soap packet on, plant or bush, will determine if you will attach soap to a skewer. I cut my skewers into thirds and wrapped the wire with soap tightly around the skewer.

Soap on skewers for ground inserting, wire only for attaching to a Bush

For my hostas and daylilys I used the soap on skewers inserted in ground in middle of plant. For bushes I used the wire only and tied onto a branch.

The plant with red flowers had already been eaten on before I added the soap, see next picture.

The real proof it works is my daylilys. Every year the deer eat these till they are about 6 inches tall and was lucky to get 2-3 flowers the entire Summer. I have tried the expensive deer repellent spray from the Garden Center which smells horrible and is washed away when it rains.

After hearing about this from a friend I finally tried it as soon as the daylilys started sprouting. I cut a larger piece of soap and inserted the skewer directly into the soap. I had to part the leaves of the plant to show you the soap was still there.

The last picture shows how large the daylily is and is loaded with flower buds. I can’t wait till they bloom.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on DIY deer deterrent and please try if you have an issue with deer eating your beautiful flowers. Enjoy your Summer! Debbie

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