My trip to Virginia Beach

I was traveling to Virginia Beach for a Social Media Conference.  The first morning there I set the alarm for 6 am since the IMG_2230conference was to start at 8 am, I looked out the balcony window and the sun was just starting to come up, this was my  first time seeing a  sunrise, I have never been a morning person and this wasn’t a priority on other trips. Of course I took a picture and posted a “Good Morning from Virginia Beach” caption and posted to facebook.  The conference was great and I met a wonderful group of ladies and learned a great wealth of knowledge.   So what is a trip without a few selfies of myself and the hubs?



My co-worker always posts a picture of a local donut shop in the Outer Banks called Duck Donuts so I decided we must see what all the hoopla is about.  We walk in the door and my first thought is where is all the donuts?  These donuts are not premade they are cooked when you place your order, all are vanilla cake donuts then you choose your glaze and toppings, my husbands favorite is the maple bacon and mine was one that   was  chocolate glazed with chopped peanuts and coconut, feast your eyes on these!!              IMG_2263

After our delicious donuts we were on our way to the Norfolk Naval base to do a tour.  My husband did his service in the Army but has a love for all things military.  He has this uncanny ability to name every type of ship, plane and helicopter so he was hoping to see the new F35 fighter plane.  Unfortunately we had to stay on the tour bus and were not permitted to take pictures of the piers and ships.  This is what I was able to catch out the window of the bus.  I didn’t know this but the Norfolk base is the largest one in the United States, in case you were wondering.    39D37143-B529-4712-A81F-8090AC35FAD6



From Norfolk we traveled to Fredericksburg to do some window shopping in this historical town but more importantly to unwind in luxury at the Richard Johnson Inn. This Inn named after the mayor of Fredericksburg during the 1800’s and  is located on Caroline St between historical shops. The rooms are beautiful with canopied beds, fireplaces, desks, and rocking chairs  and to top it off there are chocolates and brandy on the dresser! Last but not least the Inn keepers are delightful and make a breakfast to die for!

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I hope you have enjoyed my story ! Debbie